About REYT.

We‘ll make the journey with you.

How we work

A new journey can be a risk, and you may need a coach. We lead the way, and as a team, move towards a shared goal.

Start your project the REYT way.


Who are we?

REYT is a technology consultancy backed by Fulcrum IT Partners focussed on delivering mobile and web applications at pace.

Passionate about performance, REYT partners with organisations to explore the possibilities of technology, through our product The Spark, we will take you on a journey to production. Together we create digital strategies, mobile apps, web applications and better ways to improve your product.

REYT works with you to understand your organisations goals and what your customers need, creating solutions that allow for measured success. Our projects challenge your thinking ensuring that the destination is reached.

The REYT way

How and why?

We pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach, using service design techniques, ensuring that each of our software solutions is specifically tailored to our clients‘ needs and the unique circumstances of their businesses. With our help, businesses can unlock their true potential and stay ahead of the competition, gaining the upper hand in the ever-changing world of sports.

When you work with REYT you'll join a team of Product Architects, Designers, Engineers and Quality Experts that will take ownership of the process and deliver an exceptional product launch and beyond.

Opportunities at REYT

Fancy a change?

We’re always looking for people who want to develop differently. If you’ve got a passion about working in a agency environment and want to work on some truely exciting digital platforms, we want to hear from you.