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Every product begins with a Spark.

do you know where to start?

With any product, the risk of failure is high.

Will it work? Will anybody buy it? How much investment do I need?

A Spark with REYT ignites your journey and proves your concept.


The Spark

A Spark is about product definition and validation involving a series of collaborative workshops and design exploration where together we create a tangible proof of concept.

The goal is to produce a prototype that demonstrates the products needs and brings it one step closer to reality.

The result of this process aligns your stakeholders and provides you with a usable representation of the final output, but also timescales and costs for production.

The first workshop begins by envisioning the end goal. What are we aiming to achieve? What problem are we solving? Together, we explore your vision and grasp the fundamental challenges.

Utilising service design techniques, we embark on a journey towards clarity, defining what success entails and gathering stakeholders to share their insights.

By the end of the workshop, we will have a clear primary focus, allowing us to initiate the creation of solutions.

Once we've established the foundation of your product's story, we collaboratively begin to architect solutions.

We'll begin by reviewing existing ideas for inspiration, then proceed to generate new concepts using our critical thinking process. These concepts will be synthesised into a comprehensive plan, accompanied by a storyboard journey for your feedback and critique.

Next, We present our proposed solution through a user journey. We validate any of our assumptions with your team, demonstrate reasoning for our concept and make any amendments or notes.

The aim of the workshop is to leave with confidence in the solution.

We prove the value before we make it.

It’s time to test the solution.

Now we have a prototype it's time to test it with a focus group and a range of users to gain actually feedback.

Why do we do this? A prototype can be made quickly compared to a full product. This enables you to have the product in your hand for user testing before a developer has written a single line of code.

We present the solution and then place it in your hands for exploration, testing, and deep understanding. Our goal is to get you on the starting line, in position, ready to sprint toward your objectives

The Spark will equip you with learning and comprehensive product knowledge, mitigate risks, and offer an accurate estimate of investment and a roadmap to production.

Are you ready?